Frequently Asked Yard Drainage Questions

It depends on the extent of work involved. Greenway LS will often tell their customers there are numerous ways to complete the job. The minimal approach can and will correct the issue. We will defer to this route and are confident it will take care of the problem. However, if the client wants additional assurance, we can add to the plan originally suggested. Typically, costs range from $1,000 to $10,000+

As we take our initial assessment, we make note of two especially important items: the condition of the yard, and how wet it is in its current state. Typically, the grass will be flattened and lightly beat up. Not to worry! Greenway LS’ trencher forms a 6″-wide trench, whereas a backhoe typically digs a trench 2-3 times wider. Trenches always eventually sink and settle over time. Our trencher ensures the disruption is limited.

When surveyed, our customers realize with drainage work, some disruption to a lawn is necessary. Most of them are pleased that we perform the work with minimal impact.

Depending on the project, it could take a day, or a week. Typically, most of our projects are completed within 1 to 3 days. Once our initial interview is complete, we can give you a more accurate period for completing the work.

Yes, Greenway LS is fully licensed and insured. In Wisconsin, it is required to be licensed as a “utility contractor,” to do any sewer hookups. There are also state codes about what pipes to use, required slope, calculating GPM (gallons per minute), etc.  

At Greenway LS, we adhere to state regulations as a means of ensuring proper installation, maximum flow capacity and longevity. This commitment provides an additional layer of assurance for our customers, guaranteeing that the project will be completed in accordance with the same established codes as major construction projects.

In addition, Greenway LS must submit to the municipality a plan for the work to be performed. Once they sign off, the permit (for the work) will be issued. All of this must be done before any work can begin.

Mother Nature is inherently unpredictable, and flooding may occur as a result. Any blockage or overcapacity of the municipal storm system is beyond our control.

Following the initial assessment with the client, multiple options are presented. If budget constraints are a concern, we tailor our approach to align with the client’s comfort level in terms of spending. We offer solutions to suit every budget, and each option can be further discussed and expanded upon as needed.

Additions can be made to the system as needed.

Depending on the size of the job, it could be up to three people. This includes the general contractor.

While there are multiple reasons, it is especially gratifying to hear how thrilled our customers are with the work we have done to correct their lawn drainage problems.

We also enjoy figuring out cost-effective strategies to solve water problems. Some companies will come in and quote upwards to 50K for a project that involves massive house waterproofing. The problem is, once completed, there can still be flooding in the yard.

By collecting and removing water from the source, Greenway LS can offer a solution for a fraction of that cost!

In our line of work, we have seen massive over expenditures – typically charged for correcting excessive water in and around the house. Our experience getting to the root of the problem the first time is best practice. Often there is a simple and effective way to deal with the problem.