Drainage Solutions

Have pooling water in your yard?

Is your yard prone to developing pools of water during rain, leading to basement flooding? Or, does the uneven terrain cause rainwater to settle in low areas? Over an extended period, this may have a far greater impact than just poor aesthetics. Standing water that doesn’t drain quickly can quickly drain your bank account, destroy your foundation, and create mold in the basement where the kids play.

Improper grading and drainage in a yard can cause extensive damage to a home’s driveway, sidewalks, patio, and basement foundation. Repairing a cracked and damaged foundation can cost tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the extent of the issue. Preventative maintenance can help you easily avoid such major headaches.


Greenway LS’ advanced drainage systems are designed to not just collect water but properly remove it from your property. We do not build systems that just store the water, we create tailored solutions that channel the water away, so it does not stagnate on your land.

Installing a French drain or routing pipes into gravel might seem straightforward, but the true effectiveness of these methods hinges on proper water discharge. Our systems aren’t about temporary storage; they’re about efficient, continuous water removal. Think of it as the difference between a temporary holding tank and a shower drain clearing 50 gallons of water every minute.

The best part of Greenway LS water drainage systems is their reliability. They work using gravity, not mechanics, so they continue to function flawlessly during power outages and don’t run the risk of mechanical failures. We ensure that all water is effectively managed before it even reaches a sump pump, offering you peace of mind and property that is well protected.


Greenway LS offers a variety of customized options to solve your specific drainage challenges. Often, a single method will fix the issue, but in some cases, multiple disciplines may be necessary to fully address the underlying issue. 

French Drain Tile installation Green Bay

French Drain systems

Harnessing the power of gravel and perforated piping, French drains effectively mitigate ground saturation. As water permeates the system, it’s safely redirected to storm sewers or dry wells. The general concept has been used for centuries. The modern design was described and popularized in Farm Drainage magazine in1859 by Assistant US Treasury Secretary Henry Flagg French. This is an ancient practice. Joe from De Pere did not make this up. Farmers do this all the time.


Catch Basin Green Bay WI

Catch Basin/yard drains

Like the drain in your shower, catch basins, also known as yard drains, excel in rapidly collecting surface water. While a French drain functions like a sponge gradually drying a shower, catch basins have the capacity to collect over 150 gallons per minute. That’s a 5-gallon bucket every two seconds per drain. For homes grappling with flooding issues where speed is a factor, a strategically-placed catch basin can often solve the issue.


Dry Well installation Green Bay WI

Dry Well systems

In rare situations, when a location lacks a direct storm sewer connection, dry wells offer ample water collection and retention capacities. They can be set up with pumping abilities to remove the water when gravity is not an option.


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On almost every project, when applicable, Greenway LS connects the downspouts into the drainage system. The downspout descends along the side of the house, continuing into the ground, allowing water to be carried away. Roof water is collected and removed before ever hitting the ground. Poorly discharged downspouts are a major source of foundation issues.

Heat cable

Greenway LS uses heat cables to prevent freezing of water in drainage pipes during cold weather. When water freezes, it can cause blockages and potentially damage the drainage system. Heat cables are installed along the pipes to provide a controlled amount of warmth, ensuring the proper function of the drainage system.

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land grading

Sometimes all we need to do is move dirt around! Whether it’s adjusting the grade along the foundation to redirect water away from the house and/or creating a swale to divert water, sometimes the simplest solution is all you need! This is where the synergy of landscaping and drainage expertise comes into play. The Greenway LS team understands both the methodologies and mathematical principles involved in effective land grading.

Additional Drainage Issues Greenway LS Resolves

Lateral Connections

A lateral connection refers to the connection of a property’s drainage system to a sewer line or a storm sewer. The term “lateral” describes the secondary pipe that branches off from a main line.

Leveraging its Utility Contractor license, Greenway LS can often access and tap into a municipality’s storm sewer to provide a lateral connection to homes without one. This connection allows for the proper disposal of excess water and prevents issues such as flooding or water accumulation in the yard.

If a home’s lateral connection is old or made from inferior or decayed materials, Greenway LS will replace the line with modern PVC piping, which is more resistant to clogs when installed correctly by a professional.

Damp Basements

Before you sink thousands of dollars into waterproofing your wet, damp basement, consider the possibility that the solution can be found outside of your home. In many cases, preventative maintenance through a better drainage system will keep water away from the basement and cost a fraction of basement waterproofing.



Before The Work Begins

Before submitting permit applications, Joe at Greenway LS will discuss potential solutions for your drainage problem. Weighing your budget, Joe will offer his expert opinion, presenting multiple plans along with their respective pros and cons, leaving the final decision up to you.

The Greenway LS Drainage Contractor Difference

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